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Synergy was established to explore the growth potential of the Consumer Direct (CD) channel.

As a Consumer Direct company, Synergy seeks to empower consumers with more choice and control in their purchasing decisions through interactive and collaborative Learning Relationships that enhance customer loyalty.

Living in a world today that offers a hybrid nature of shopping( stores, mail order, online ) in an age of Interactivity, Synergy seeks to offer unique products available through unique channels , saving shopping time for consumers.

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personalized, one-to-one offerings.

Automatic replenishment services which can either remind you about items they are likely to run out of soon, or can automatically purchase and send the items to you as you need them.

Home party plans - have a fun time and party with Synergy in your own home in the company of friends. Touch , feel , learn about products you care about in the comfort of a home.

Corporate employee sales day - offering product cost savings when you co-shop with your colleagues. Discover the power of buying it together !

Fairs - which bring communities of like minded people together

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