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Authentic Asian/Nonya Instant Ingredients
Laksa Mix

Ingredients: (The Taste of Singapore)

Onion, Galangal, Candlenuts, Tumeric, Dry Prawns, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Chilli Paste, Dry Shrimps, Cooking Oil, Natural Flavour 120K.

Cooking Instructions:

1) Mix 1kg of Laksa Paste with 6-litre of diluted coconut milk (mixture of 3-litre concentrated coconut milk and 3-litre of water).

2) Cook and stir at medium heat for 25-30 minutes.

3) Finally add 250gm chop Laksa leaves, 2 tablespoon of fried crispy chopped garlic to enhance the flavour.

4) Blanched Laksa Noodle and bean-sprout in boiling water.

5) Serve the boiling Laksa gravy over the blanched noodle.

6) Garnish with Ready Condiments (slice fishcake, cooked Prawn or cooked cockles and Sambal Tumis Chilli).

Suggested Serving: To serve 30 portions.

If you choose to cook 1/2kg of the Ready Ingredient Paste, then reduce the

recipe to half portion.

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