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Authentic Asian/Nonya Instant Ingredients

Imagine This !

You are expecting important guests for dinner. The phone rang as you struggle into the kitchen with the grocery bags of meat and vegetables, your offering for tonight's dinner. You answered the phone and that was your best friend, your saviour for the night who has graciously promised that she will show off her culinary skills to your guests. OH NO!! You panicked..... she has taken sick and cannot make it..... What are you going to do?? It's already 6.30pm...

You gaze at the chicken on the table gazing back at you with unseeing eyes, seemingly to mock you in your misery.
And then suddenly you remembered you had stocked up several packets of CookPro's Instant Ingredient Mix.

And hey, within the hour, you had a hot steaming pot of chicken curry and mouth watering dishes of beef rendang, ikan assam pedas and sayur lodeh, even managed to throw in extras like otak-otak and bagedel.

Wouldn't you just WOW!! your guests with your cooking.......

nonya spread

With CookPro You Can Cook Like a Pro

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